Grad Crisis Care

In most European countries, call 116-111. Crisis-Lines have been alerted to the unique challenges facing postgrads and young researchers.


Doctoral students are 20 times more likely to attempt suicide than the general population. The number of university students diagnosed with or treated for anxiety problems has risen 50% in the last five years.


We provide the Grad Crisis Help Line 24/7 FREE of charge.

SKYPE TO 877.GRAD.HLP (877.472.3457)

In 1998, Jason Altom, a 27-year old doctoral student from Harvard took his own life after the stresses of graduate school were seemingly too much. In response to Jason Altom’s tragic story, Grad Resources set out to address the extreme points of despair many young researchers face, leading the organization to launch the Grad Crisis Line in 1999 in addition to our online articles and services. Today, the Crisis Line receives hundreds of calls every month. Student organizations promote the resource on campuses across the nation. Likewise, mental health offices and doctoral student services continue to make their students aware of the Crisis Line to their student bodies.

About the Program

The Grad Crisis Line helps doctoral students reach free, confidential telephone counseling, crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and information and referral services provided by specially-trained call-takers. Caring, professional staff and well-trained volunteers answer around the clock.

All counselors have completed training to understand the unique issues faced by doctoral students. In addition to listening to and empathizing with a caller’s concerns, counselors assess the caller’s lethality risk, counsel, and offer various local support services and mental health resources for follow-up.